4 Gifs Of Maroline  requested by Sinéad

Jeremy and Tyler sat on the floor, surrounded by various rattles, bottles, and diapers. Whether they were clean or not was not up for discussion. Both were struggling to keep their eyes open as they watched the same Sesame Street video they had already seen 20 times in the past 4 days.

Olivia, however, seemed to be enjoying herself. She sat on Jeremy’s lap, clapping her hands and giggling as Elmo danced around on the screen. Somehow, the movie was still incredibly entertaining to the almost 1 year old.

“Jer. Why are we awake? It’s three in the morning,” Tyler groaned, leaning over to nuzzle his face into Jeremy’s neck.

“Because, Ty, you let her sleep all day, and now she isn’t tired,” Jeremy snapped, the lack of sleep clearly taking a toll on his usually sweet and sincere demeanor.

Tyler groaned again, before lifting his head and looking into his husband’s eyes. He leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips, which Jeremy quickly responded to. The two broke apart when they were interrupted by a loud, high-pitched squeal coming from the baby in Jeremy’s lap, who had shifted her focus from the TV onto her two fathers. Jeremy removed his hand from Tyler’s face and mussed the hairs on top of Olivia’s head.

“Sorry, Liv. Just watch some more Elmo, okay?” he said, pointing at the TV, which she turned to look at once again. He yawned, and leaned his head on Tyler’s shoulder, closing his eyes.

Within ten minutes, Jeremy had fallen asleep, still leaning on Tyler. Olivia was sound asleep on his lap, and Tyler didn’t know if he’d ever seen anything more adorable. He reached for the remote and turned the TV off before kissing Jeremy’s forehead and wrapping an arm around him. He slowly leaned back against the couch and closed his eyes, falling asleep in mere moments.